About Me

Nothing too special to say here.  I am the father of five wonderful children who keep me even busier than you would imagine.  My wife and I run a bilingual preschool (well, she runs it and I fix all the things that get broken!) and have a lot of fun doing it.

I have wanted to be a writer my entire life; unfortunately, I had never really passed through the want stage and into the doing stage.

Until now.

My first book, The Mumfest Murders, was published in June of 2018.  Book 2 in the series, The Marathon Murders, was published in October of the same year.  A third book, as yet untitled, is still a very rough draft, though I hope to have it up by March of 2019.

I also have a lifelong interest in religion, philosophy and history and am a voracious reader (when I can find the time).  Expect to see more than a few post relating to these topics and more.

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