My Books

There are currently two books in the Thomas and Rose Mysteries series:

One dead body.

Two dead bodies.

Things are starting to get out of hand.

In need of a break from their consulting work with the SBI, Thomas Gabriel and Rose Daniels go to visit his aunt in the idyllic town of New Bern, North Carolina. But when a local electrician is found dead in the park, their vacation is cut short and they are plunged into a mystery that will reach to the very heights of power in small town America. The local police are sure they know who committed the murder, but are they right? And if they are wrong, then the real murderer is still on the loose. Thomas and Rose will have to set their vacation aside and do what they do best. But will anybody listen to them?

She knew that running a marathon could be hard.

Who knew it could be murder?

Southport, North Carolina. A picturesque seaside town that’s not quite what it seems. When a body is found during the local marathon, bloodied and brutalized, Thomas and Rose are called in to help with the investigation. As the bodies start to pile up, and the further they investigate, the more bizarre it becomes until their very survival is in question. Could this be their last case?